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Hana Like Newsletter 1/2014

Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HI

                                                            Kaneohe Bay is my beautiful back yard.

Resilience – Teamwork makes it happen

Section 1 Personal Resilience

 Make a go-kit  A go kit contains the supplies you will need when you have to take shelter from a hurricane or other potential disaster.  Food, water, medicines, 1st aide kit, blankets and a change of clothes.  Take only what you can fit under a cot.  You will have 10 square feet per person.

 Go to your shelter early.  They will fill up fast and you may be turned away.  Our high schools are designated  as primary shelters.  If you are in a reinforced concrete building, shelter in place.  If you live in a single wall home, expect it to be destroyed by a category 3 huricane.  Read more.

Organize your Neighborhood is social media for neighborhoods.  Only neighbors who live within the NextDoor designated neighborhood can participate.  Our Mikiola Community uses our NextDoor community to do everything from reporting crimes and suspicious activities to hunting for a lost cat.

Preparing the neighborhood  You need to know who in you neighborhood needs special help and who has special skills.  You need to organize and train a Citizens Emergency Response Team(CERT).  You need to know who has HAM radio equipment and you need to have  a couple of walkie talkies so you can stay in touch with family and call for help when necessary.

Plan to be able to campout for at least 5 days and potentially a month.  It will take that long for Rescue Organizations to reach us.

Section 2 – Financial Resilience

We help people live their dreams.  The more successful they are the more successful I become.  It is a win for everyone and nothing is more fulfilling than helping people live their dreams.  I do not think a job is the answer to helping us be more financially resilient. I look for business opportunities that provide residual income.  What I do must be something anyone can duplicate working their business a few hours a week and the start up cost of the business has to be within the reach of the average person.

SendOutCards is the best business I have found.  Take a look at this link to really understand the income potential of this business.  Also, I am working with a company that provides me the tools I need to market on the internet.  Their training in using their tools and in internet marketing is outstanding.

Let us know if an internet business interests you.  The potential is huge, and working together we can make our dreams a reality.

Gratitude is a thought.  Expressing gratitude is a process.  Do it often.

Section 3 – Malama Aina – Caring for the earth. 

Elections are on us again.  Nothing is more important than electing legislators who believe it is important to care for our environment.  The decisions we make to day will determin our grand childrens future.  No the record of the candidate you are voting for. is a great resource to research the record of your candidates.  Know who you are voting for.  Look at what they do – not what they say.

The future of Kawainui Marsh in Kailua is being determined with the community discussions of the Kawainui Marsh Master Plan.  The Outdoor Circle has abandoned the Conceptual Plan for the Marsh they developed in the 50s when they were fighting the proposal to turn the Marsh into another Hawaii Kai.  The proposed Master Plan incorporates all of the features proposed in the original plan.

The Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle is fighting to maintain the status quo.  The want no access to the marsh, no trails, no education center.  There is consensus that the resources and Hawaiian culture related to the marsh are important and need to be protected.

Where conflict arises is on how the marsh is used and interpreted.  One side wants the marsh to be left alone.  The other wants the passive recreational potential, basically a trail around the marsh, to be developed with small parking lots giving access at key locations around the marsh.  They are working to recreate a lowland native ecosystem in some areas bordering the marsh and the advocate for an education center where the signifiance of this wetland of international importance can be shared with the world.

Check the Hawaii Environmental Hui to join the discussion shaping the future of Kawainui Marsh.

World Wetland Day is Febrary 8, 2014 and will be celebrated on the grounds of the Kailua Methodist Church from 9am to 1:30pm.

E komo mai  Enjoy:

  • Wetland Exhibits
  • Tours of Kawainui/Hamakua Marsh
  • Sale of Hawaiian plants and food
  • Hawaiian Entertainment
  • Guest speakers talk about the Marsh.

Learn about why Kawainui Marsh has been designated a RAMSAR wetland of international importance.  This is a place of rich historical, cultural and natural history significance.


Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HI

Your internet business

Leverage the Internet to create a wor–from–anywhere business. You will need:

1. A website and/or a blog

2. An opt in e-mail list and autoresponder

3. A virtual conference room for a webinar

4. Direct mail will help you connect with your customers.

If you subscribed to these services ala carte it will cost you close to $500 a month. At GVO/PureLeverage, their marketing suite will cost you $24.95 per month. And, as part of the service, they provide outstanding training in both how to use the tools and how to market on the Internet.

If you want, you can earn a great income while you learn by sharing Pureleverage with others.

Don’t neglect direct mail in your marketing plan. Most bulk mail goes in the waste basket. A greeting card with a first-class stamp gets opened and if it contains a sincere thank you it will set you apart from the crowd.

Be prepared – Create a “Go Kit”

FEMA recommends having a prepackaged kit of supplies you can grab when a storm threatens.  Click here for instructions.  On the mainland USA, the recommend having 3 days supply.  In more isolated areas like Hawaii they recommend 5 days supply.

Realistically in Hawaii, it will take a minimum of 15 days get relief supplies to Hawaii.  I recommend having supplies to care for your family for at least a month.  Google “emergency food supply hawaii” to find resources you can buy in Hawaii.

Take the Go Kit to the shelter with supplies for 3 days.  What you bring to a shelter must fit under your cot.  When a severe storm threatens, store you emergency supplies in your car.  Your home may be destroyed and everything in it scattered.  At least when you find your car, you will have what you need to survive.

A couple of things I don’t see recommended for your Go Kit I think are important are a portable water filter bottle and a set of Walkie Talkies.  Water and Communications will be the most important factors in rescue and survival.

Organize you neighborhood.  Know who needs special help and who has special skills. Test your emergency communications.  Use to help you organize you neighbors.

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