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We’ve talked about tents in general, the materials they are made from, and what is best for each purpose. We talked about large tents and what is most suitable for large families camping for long times. Now we will provide you with a backpacking tent review.

Backpacking tents are used for hiking and for privacy when you want to get out of the large tent.

When hiking you want a tough, lightweight, weatherproof tent. Hiking tents tend to be made of manmade materials such as nylon and polyester because they are lighter and rip-resistant. Because polyester doesn’t breathe condensation can be a problem. To avoid puddles on your floor make sure your tent is well ventilated.

The Tent I Chose

There are many styles of backpacking tent. I’ve used everything from a simple plastic tube, to a primitive leanto to high tech tents made of the finest materials.
I don’t want to skimp when comfort and even my life depend on my tent.

This is the tent I chose.


  •  Made without flame-retardant coatings
  •  You won’t have to roll up the doors because you can easily stuff them into the adjacent mesh pockets
  •  2 doors and 2 twin-zip, multiconfiguration vestibules
  •  High-low ventilation delivers optimal airflow
  •  Abundant headroom
  •  Fully seam-taped canopy and floor
  •  Easy-pitch design simplifies setup
North Face Stormbreak Two Person Tent

It’s a bit heavy at 5 lbs compared to some other choices, but it is ideal for car camping and when the kids want the privacy of their own tent.


5 star tent – easy to set up, comfortable

Like everything about it. Very easy to set up, very intuitive. The snaps that hook and support the tent on the tent poles are great – much better than sleeves. You can move the snaps wherever they work best. Liked the zippers on both sides so both of us could get in and out of the tent without disturbing the other. Plenty of room for two adults. Highly recommend it.

Really Solid Tent

As some of the other reviews have mentioned this tent is a bit heavy, though I feel like you’re carrying the weight with higher quality materials that will last a really long time. This is a simple tent and I highly recommend it for someone who just wants a basic tent without all of the complicated bells and whistles. This one will easy get that job done. While you CAN backpack with it, the stuff sack it comes with coupled with the weight seems kind inhibiters to backpacking a bit, though personally I backpack with it anyway. I highly recommend this tent if you want something easy to set up, well made, basic in design and roomy inside!

Kept me Dry!

Very easy set up, lots of inside room. The mesh kept the tent free from condensation. The rain fly kept me dry from three rain storms over two days and with a ton of tie downs the tent wasn’t going anywhere in the wind.


When I was hiking the backcountry with my family these tents were among the lightest available. Lighter tents in the 3-pound range are available now so if you are an avid back-country hiker this may not be for you. I want a basic tough, stormproof tent with room for my head when sitting. Weight was not an issue. I will use this tent for car camping and as a satellite when camping on my property.

I’ve been a member of the REI Coop for 60 years. I know them as an organization that tests their mountain climbing equipment and an organization that has innovated many of the advancements in climbing equipment. They only sell quality equipment. I’m a bit biased when I go to REI for my outdoor gear.

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