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Cross-Island Community-Based Resilience Network Initiatives

This organization is coordinating the work of emergency preparedness/community resilience groups across Oahu.

Areas in need of further cross-collaboration and brainstorming by our Network:

1. Human Resources:
• Challenges with identification and recruitment/retention volunteers and leadership
• More voluntary recruitment of those people that are more readily available (e.g. Retirees)
• Make use of organizations that have leadership/structure/resources to be applied. Who are those more effective organizations specific to the areas

2. Financing:
• Non-profit sponsorship and/or alliances is key to access resources
• Get access to district funds for resources (work with City Council Members)

3. Networking:
• Make a Master List of a community group’s potential types of connections with partners

4. Resources:
• How to help a new group setting up a new disaster plan (Share plans, data, templates, etc. with other groups)
• what resources we can leverage including trainings, etc., council members (like EMP’s could help with education through their community service requirements)
• Provide awareness of web resources – ex. – DEM can list resources on their website for communities.
• Use latest tools – ex. –, ESRI disaster maps, Google crisis maps – Get ready app
• Building get ready hawaii app for preparedness
• Awareness of training, education and other resources, especially through NDPTC.
• Get access to district funds for resources (work with City Council Members)
• Emergency management professionals of Hawaii (CEM/AEM) membership
• DEM website, FEMA, CCH, Civil Defense
• Phonebook – front pages on info
• CCH Evacuation office – have a community page – they will host plans & information
• Get Ready Hawaii app (CCH working with the State)
• Emergency Management Professionals of Hawaii – get certified includes 20-30mins on emergency management. Leverage education/training opportunities

Be prepared – Create a “Go Kit”

FEMA recommends having a prepackaged kit of supplies you can grab when a storm threatens.  Click here for instructions.  On the mainland USA, the recommend having 3 days supply.  In more isolated areas like Hawaii they recommend 5 days supply.

Realistically in Hawaii, it will take a minimum of 15 days get relief supplies to Hawaii.  I recommend having supplies to care for your family for at least a month.  Google “emergency food supply hawaii” to find resources you can buy in Hawaii.

Take the Go Kit to the shelter with supplies for 3 days.  What you bring to a shelter must fit under your cot.  When a severe storm threatens, store you emergency supplies in your car.  Your home may be destroyed and everything in it scattered.  At least when you find your car, you will have what you need to survive.

A couple of things I don’t see recommended for your Go Kit I think are important are a portable water filter bottle and a set of Walkie Talkies.  Water and Communications will be the most important factors in rescue and survival.

Organize you neighborhood.  Know who needs special help and who has special skills. Test your emergency communications.  Use to help you organize you neighbors.

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