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Passive Income

Most people trade time for money. It is what we’ve been trained to do. We go to school to learn to be a good employee. Even most business people trade their time for money. Even doctors and attorneys and others who way...

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Emergency Preparedness

Our personal resilience is built on two things:   Being prepared to take advantage of opportunities that come our way.  and being prepared to deal with the inevitable chaos that enters our lives.   The more we know and the more...

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How to improve a quality of life

Don Buettner calls it “interconnectivity of the power of nine.” As a National Geographic fellow, Don studied five communities around the world where people live exceptionally long and active lives. In communities he studied,...

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Home garden for resilience

We’ve set up a aquaponics garden and enjoy fresh vegetables.  This article explains the benefits of growing sprouts and you can do it even if it is only a square foot tray near your window.  Set up a vertical garden of...

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