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The Importance of Moral Values
Our values form our core being and our moral compass.

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My word is my bond

I woke up to a TV discussion of values. A person is either moral, immoral or amoral. Amoral means you have no morals. Immoral means you know what is right but don’t care who you hurt.

If you are moral and have compassion you don’t take children away from their parents. If you are moral and your job forces you to do so, you resign.

I got a phone call from a telemarketer. I had won $5million dollars and a Mercedes Benz. All I had to do was to send him $5000 to pay for the taxes. I suggested he get an honest job where he wasn’t hurting people and hung up. He called back to ask why I had hung up on him. We exchanged some rather ugly curses which didn’t make either one of us any happier.

Changing People’s Lives

We have a great opportunity to use the internet to reach out to people and to help them change their lives. I emphasis the importance of helping people solve their problems because help others is personally and financially rewarding. Helping others is an important value for me. Not hurting others is an even more important value.

Never Break a Trust

Trusting squirrel

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. I trust people who I know are honest and loyal. I know I can trust them to do what they say they will do. Trust is very easy to loose and very, very, very hard to win back. I doubt any one will ever trust my country again when we break our agreements with old friends and make friends with old enemies? How can a woman ever trust a philandering husband?

Understand what values are important to you. Understand the values of those you have relationships with. Our personal and business relationships will determine our success. We need to establish contact with others and become their friends. We talk about the long term value of a client when we should be talking about how we can reach out to people and make them our friends.

Keeping your friends takes effort. If you don’t stay in touch a friendship will fade away. Call your friends on special occasions. Say “Happy Fathers Day”, so Happy Fathers day to all you Dad’s out their. Be a friend to your kids and do something special with them today and every day.

Understand Your Values

Values: compassion, caring about others, honesty, loyalty, being grateful and saying thanks. caring for the earth and for those around you are important to me. What are your values?

What does it mean to be a true friend? It means you are ready to drop everything to help a friend in need.

Help where you can, and where you cannot help, be very careful not to hurt.

Understand your values. Know your purpose in life. Set your goals to live your calling. Break those goals down into steps you can take each day. Don’t let the urgent things in your life overwhelm your goals. Define the most important 3 things in your life each day and set aside the time you need to accomplish them. If you don’t do what you planned try to break the task into smaller tasks that you can get done in a few hours.

Today, do something with your family and have a great Father’s Day.

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