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Be involved

What kind of community do you want to live in?

Get involved because a small group of community leaders can make a big difference.  The decisions you make today will determine the quality of life you leave your kids.

Personally, you can make life style changes that can profoundly effect your life. 

In our community we can look at ways to make our community more walkable and bikeable.  We can provide local transportation for folks to get to the stores and the doctors.  We can provide more activities for young people and for the elderly.  Grass roots projects can encourages community leaders to work together to implement things that can make life better for everyone.

For instance, we can implement the HHARP program that will make 96744 a more resilient community by mobilizing our resources to respond to the inevitable storms, tsunamis and flash floods.

Parents And Children Together (PACT) is one of Hawaiiʻs leading private non-profit family service agencies. One of their major projects is to reach out to the parents and the community to implement a program to inspire and empower parents to become effective advocates for children.

Do you want to better prepare to react to an emergency.  More information on the Hawaii Hazard Awarness and Resilience Program click here.  If you want to help or just get more information contact BillSager@workingtogether.tips or send us a message.

Bill, 808-375-1114, Working2gthr is best
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