Enter the Blue Zone

Living Longer, Happier and Healthier Lives

The choices you make today can add many quality years to your life.

Kaneohe No Ka ‘Oi

Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HI

Kaneohe Bay is my beautiful back yard.

Make Kane’ohe a Blue Zone Demonstration Project for the rest of Hawai’i.

The Blue Zones Project is a grass roots community effort to encourage people to live a life style that can add many years of happy, healthy and productive life. The Blue Zones longevity life style encourages small changes that can change  the way people experience their world.

By impacting environment, policy, and social networks, Blue Zones Project makes healthy choices easier. As a result, people can live healthier, longer, more productively and happier lives.  Kaneohe will benefit by becoming an even better place to live, work, and play. Successful implementation will require your participation and the participation of organization you belong to.

Four Key Environments

Blue Zones Project optimizes four key environments to make healthy choices the easy choices:

» Our Inner Self: By helping people discover their purpose in life, it’s possible to improve their well-being. In Blue Zones® cultures, purpose is so important that there are often special words for it. In Costa Rica, for example, they call it “Plan De Vida” – a plan for life. In Hawaii, we call it living pono.

» Habitat: We build a healthy life style into our daily lives.  Make easy healthy snacks for kids available for snacks instead of junk food.  Walk the dog or take a bike ride. Garden, it is good exercise and provides fresh healthy foood. Encourage healthy activity where we live, work, and play. 

» Social Networks: We become like our friends. People in Blue Zones cultures regularly socialize face-to-face with friends whose healthy behaviors reinforce their own. Your friends have a huge influence on your lives. Choose wisely.

» Community: Environmental surroundings encourage healthy behaviors. Restaurants and grocery stores can promote healthy choices. Communities can create safe sidewalks and bike paths that encourages physical activity for people of all ages and abilities. Living in a polluted environment will cut years from your life.

The Birth of Blue Zone

The Blue Zones Project was born in a National Geographic project to examine communities around the world where people were happily living the longest. A team of researchers discovered nine common characteristics of these communities. These shared lifestyle behaviors are known as the Power 9® and focus on helping people move naturally, eat wisely, connect with others, discover purpose, and change their environments.

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What Kane’ohe is doing:

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