COVID-19 Is here to stay

COVID-19 is here to stay. We will learn to live and die with it. At this point, 3/24/2020, the long term impact of COVID-19 is anyone’s guess.

My business is to follow trends and help you predict how a trend may affect your life and career.

COVID-19 is evolving so fast it is hard to keep up with.

We know COVID-19 id highly contagious even before an infected person becomes symptomatic. The only way to protect yourself is to isolate yourself from the world, keep your hands away from your face, wash your hands frequently and disinfect areas you come in contact with frequently such as kitchen counters.

COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic. It will be with us in the same way the flu is with us. The difference is COVID-19 is far more deadly than the flu and immunity in survivors may only be very short.

Businesses are going to have to adapt. American businesses are instituting “No Contact” delivery, encouraging employees to work at home and many businesses are simply closing shop. The stock market is in turmoil. People are losing jobs as businesses close.

It is time to consider how you do business. Is just-in-time inventory still the best option>? How are your supply lines? Are you going to have to bring production back home? Can your business even function when your employees are forced to stay home for a month? If you are one of the businesses that are allowed to stay open, who is going to clean the vomit on your floor?

For two months our President has told people COVID-19 is no worse than the common cold. Now he is telling people that he has everything under control and a lot of other lies. What is clear is there will be no coordinated help from the Federal Government and Governors are doing what they can to protect their people

Local health organizations will be overwhelmed. They can handle 100’s of patients but not 1000’s. Hawaii’s economy depends on tourism. Governor has installed a 14-day quarantine on anyone coming to Hawaii. Who is going to stay in their hotel room for 14 days before going out to the beach? Our economy is going to take a terrible hit.

We are pretty much on our own. Total isolation is not possible unless you are a preppier living in a mountain cabin. We have to go shopping. Right now, my cousin, a young woman, is shopping for us. People are being incredibly kind to each other

Most of us will get through this thing. For more on the impacts of COVID-19 click here. Emergency – Spike Dolomite – Medium and see this Atlantic article about how COVID-19 may change our lives

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