REi Screen Shelter

The Hawaii State Office of Emergency Management tells us they are not even trying to provide shelter for our people during a hurricane.  

The Red Cross is responsible for opening shelters. They can open at most 25 shelters on Oahu.  Even if a shelter can hold a 1000 people, we can only shelter 25000 people.  There are over a million people on Oahu.

It is best to shelter in place if your home has a good chance of surviving a storm.  If not, arrange to stay with friends who live in a secure building. If you work in a reinforced concrete building, talk to your boss about providing shelter for you and your family. You will be available to help with recovery and you will not have to worry about your family.

In Hawaii, our older, single wall homes will not withstand a Category 3 hurricane. If you live in a single wall home you will have to arrange shelter after a storm. You can be sure an awful lot of other people will also be looking for shelter.

A tent or tents pitched on your property may be your only option until you can get an insurance settlement and rebuild your home.

In Hawaii, we need shelter from sun, rain and bugs. A screened tent that provides plenty of ventilation is ideal. This gem is ideal for Hawaii conditions. Be sure to add the rainfly for added protection.

This tent isnʻt just a survival tent. It is great to take the family to the beach for the weekend. Use you camping equipment for fun and you will know what to do when a storm strikes. You might have to camp out for an extended period after a storm. Here is a tent for fun and for emergencies.

You can buy it here.

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