Emergency Supplies Storage – How do you fit it into your home


How Do You Fit it in your home?

When you buy anything you have to know how to fit it into your home. Most of us live in relatively small homes. Efficient storage is critical.

When you have emergency supplies and camping equipment, stuff you don’t use all the time, it may be a good idea to look at a self-storage option. Most self-storage buildings are built of reinforced concrete. Your supplies won’t be blown all over the country by a hurricane or a tornado and they will be safe from looters.

Go Kits should be kept close to you so you can grab them when you have to evacuate. Go Kits contain everything you will need for three days when you have to go to a shelter till the storm passes.

Where ever you store your supplies, efficient storage containers are important. Pails waste a lot of space. Rectangular containers that are stackable are the most efficient
WaterBricks are airtight and can be used to store food, even drinking water. Pair two WaterBrinks up with a good water filter. The water coming out of the filter will be 99.99% free of germs, viruses and heavy metals. Use it at home, camping or in any emergency.

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