We Will End the Pandemic When We Get a Pandemic Vaccine.

Pandemic Virus

Plan to live with this pandemic until we get a pandemic vaccine. The best we can hope for is 18 months. More realistically, the clinical trial will probably take 2 years or more.

This is the best article I have seen about what we must do to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Plan for at least two years. Anything sooner will require a moon landing effort.

The article lays out what must be done at a federal level and indirectly shows the terrible impact the lack of Presidental leadership is having on the spread of this virus.

Businesses that survive will have to ramp up their virtual operations, My drug store is delivering my medicines to my home. UPS delivers them to my doorstep and I sanitize the packages before I bring them in the house. Many restaurants are advertising “fine dining” take out. The line at the Post Office was dutifully standing 10 feet apart. I am buying as much as I can online.

How we do business is changing, My cousin has started a concierge business running errands and doing shopping for older folks. Normal is gone. We have to invent a new normal. Those businesses that cannot adapt will be gone. I know I’m not going to the barber for six months or more. When I go back I expect barber chairs to be 10 feet apart and barbers wearing masks.

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