Financial Resilience gives us the time and the money to live our dreams.

For most of us, financial Resilience can be achieved in only two ways:

1. We can save and invest.  If we know what we are doing and watch our investments carefully, over a life time we can create a retirement income.

2. We can create a business that will produce the income we need to retire.

How much money do you need to retire comfortably and be able to do what you want?  $60,000 a year?  Probably more when you factor in inflation.  A million dollars, invested at 5% APR, will provide you a passive income of $5,000 per month.  It is possible for some of us, but you have to have discretionary income to be able to invest.

How can the average person achieve their dreams?  A job or two is not the answer.  In todays economy, you have to be well educated to get a decent job and even young people with Masters Degrees are struggling to find work in their chosen fields.

I believe most of us can only achieve true financial resilience by creating a business of our own.  That business must be based on multiple streams of income.  Depending on one big government contract is an invitation to disaster.

I look for business opportunities that anyone can afford and ways to leverage the internet so I can work from anywhere I have a phone and internet access.  I look for business models that will create residual income, and I want to be able to train people to do what I do with minimum effort.

Find a good business opportunity is difficult.  You need a sponsor you can trust can teach you to succeed.  They are hard to find and are lots of charlatans who want your money.  When you find the right combination of sponsor and business, work consistently a few hours a week and never give up.

When is I choose a business to work with, I look for an established company with reasonably priced products.  I like and a business model that enables me to build while working part time.  Most people have to keep their jobs while they build their business, so being able to work their business part time is essential.

What I do must be duplicable.  Others have to be able to do what I do, because when we work together to achieve our mutual goal we can create miracles.