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Hana-Like-LogoYou want a business of your own, but what business model should you choose?

Many people turn a hobby into a business working from a corner in their home.  Others buy an existing business. They buy a franchise or rent a commercial space and start their own business.  The trouble with a traditional business is high start up costs and an income capped by how much you can sell.  Stop working and your income stops too.

I recommend learning to create an internet business.  It has the advantages of your being able to work from anywhere you have an internet connection and a phone.  It is also much easier to create a recurring (passive) income than with a traditional business.  And if necessary, you can keep your job and develop your business  working a few hours per week.

Affiliate Business Reviews

I only recommend affiliate opportunities and MLM companies I work with and know they are legitimate, ethical and provide good income opportunities.  So if I recommend a company, understand I am recommending you join my team and we work together to create income. I am a sales rep for many of the products and business opportunities I recommend. All things being equal, I recommend products and opportunities that pay me a commission when you buy the product.

My recommendation are based on 1-5 stars with the bigger numbers being the best just like hotels are rated:

5 Stars, I recommend the company and am actively working with this affiliate or MLM

Wealthy Affiliates is a website that provides excellent training to anyone who wants to start an online business.  You will learn to setup and promote a WordPress website. Read Review

SendOutCards provides software to create you own personalized greeting card which the company prints and mails for you.  This is not an eCard.  You know the USPS will deliver it for you, and it is a great way to stay in touch with friends and make new friends.  We get paid for being nice to people.

Staged enables you to share any video or image on the internet with your audience.  It has a good affiliate pay plan and can provide targeted advertising to your visitors.  Promote any business you want.

4 Stars,  It looks like a good opportunity but I have no personal experience with it.

Dubli is a web mall that pays you cash back on purchases and pays you a commission on the purchase of those you customers you bring to Dubli.

3 Stars, I’m neutral.  I would not choose to work this business myself.  Do your own due diligence and decide if it is right for you.

2. Stars, Look out, IMO this has many attributes of a scam.

1. Star, IMO this is a total scam.  You may make money, but if you are late in you will loose and people will get hurt.

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