NuManna Family Pack Review

Having a Numanna Family Pack gives you peace of mind. You know you have a supply of healthy, good tasting food you can serve your family 25 years from now or tonight for dinner. We take a look at Numanna food products and particularly their bulk food packages. If you live in an area where you might be cut off from stores for several days or weeks you need a stock of food for your family to survive. In this NuManna Family Pack Review, I reveal if the product is any good and a reliable source for long term food storage.

Buy in bulk

NuManna Family Pack is an example of bulk package that can supply two people food for two weeks. This short Numanna video below, gives you an overview of the company and its values. Please take a moment to watch this 2 minute video.


Where your food is grown and processed is important. With Numanna, you do not need to worry. The company take pride is its organic and locally supplied ingredients. Of course, Some products such as tropical herbs and seasonings are exceptions. Even there, Numanna buyers know where and how their seasonings are produced.

What Preservatives are used.

Numanna uses no preservatives. No MSG is used and their products at GMO free. Theyx even have a line of Cerified Organic products. The company was started because the founders could not find good tasting long term storage food that met their standards. They take their commitment to your health very seriously.


Everyone needs to know they have the food, water, medicine, pet supplies and camping equipment their family will need to survive an emergency.

Hikers, Campers, Hunters, Boaters and Preppers will want to know about Numanna’s high quality products. You can take individual packages to provide you compact, light weight, good tasting meals. Just stick them in you backpack.


Know that dehydrate food lasts about 15 years. Properly packaged freeze dried foods have a shelf life of over 25 years.


  • Sourced and processed in the USA.
  • Preservative free: Soy free, GMO free, no MSG, no aspartame & no high fructose corn syrup.
  • Gluten free foods available.
  • Food you will want to eat.
  • Square buckets take up less space


  • Preparing for emergencies costs money.
  • If you are lucky, you may not need an emergency food supply.
  • Storing emergency supplies takes space you may not have if you live in a small home.


Recommended. Purchase from Amazon:

I recommend you open a bucket when you get it. Meals are individually packaged so cook some of the meals and see they pass your families taste test. I sure you will be pleased, but if not take advantage of the company’s no questions asked 60-day no risk money back guarantee.

NuManna Family Pack


Food Quality


Product Value





  • Sourced and processed in the USA
  • Gluten free foods available
  • Square buckets take up less space


  • Preparing for emergencies costs money
  • Storing emergency supplies takes space you may not have if you live in a small home

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