Out of water by 2040

By 2020 about 30-40% of the world will have water scarcity.

Why do you think big bottling companies like Coke and Pepsi are buying up water rights around the world?  What happens to our rivers when the glaciers melt and no longer feed summer stream flow?

Is this the future of population control?  The rich can buy bottled water and the poor can die of thirst and water born diseases.

Disturbing study has been conducted with researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark,Vermont Law School and CNA Corporation. The study and analysis has lead researchers to conclude our energy needs and population growth will lead to severe water shortages in the next few decades.  Read more

Provide for your financial resilience now, because in a few years you will be paying a lot more for food and water.  You are going to need a raise.


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  1. The world risks an “insurmountable” water crisis by 2040 without an immediate and significant overhaul of energy consumption and demand, a research team reported on Wednesday.


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