Review-Peripheral Neuropathy Of The Feet

I’ve had peripheral neuropathy of the feet for years, and it has gradually gotten worse until when I walked it felt like I was stumbling around on stubs. When I tried to sleep, pins and needles were so painful I couldn’t sleep. A Tylenol would let me sleep for a couple of hours.

I went to a podiatrist and she told me to use Benfotiamine, 600mg. I did an Amazon Search and found a company that had done a search for all the Neuropathy clinical trials they could find and combined all the formulas in one pill. I could see the pill included the recommended dose of Benfotiamine and a lot of other stuff.

Now normally I’m very suspicious of dietary supplements but my family doctor had recommended a supplement that I had used for six months with no results. He said it would take a year. Well, if that one didn’t work maybe this one would. At least it has the formula my foot doctor recommended.

I’ve been taking the pills for three weeks. I am walking with my normal stride and I lift off the balls of my feet when I walk. I can actually feel my feet when I walk. I’m no longer stumbling around taking tiny steps. The Pins and needles and burning sensation is no longer a problem when I go to bed. I’m not completely pain free, but at least my feet are not waking me up at night,

I’m hoping to get further improvement. If it happens, I’ll upgrade this review from 4 stars to 5.

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