Personal Resilience

Be Prepared to Thrive

What does it mean to be resilient?

Personal Resilience means to bend without breaking and snap back to normal when the pressure is released. Life throws us unexpected challenges. Our resilience enables us to respond.

Personal Resilience requires us to anticipate what might happen. Then estimate how often it might happen and based on the consequences decide what to do about it.  

Examples of Resilience

I live in Hawaii. Based on past weather, we know we will face a couple of hurricanes in our lifetime. Forecasts by climate scientists are for more and more severe storms.

Hurricanes, the greatest storms on earth.

The consequences can be life-threatening and devastating. I need to plan to have the supplies and equipment I need to survive. Others will wait till the last minute, then rush to go to the store to face long lines and bare shelves.

How you respond is an individual choice.

Based on trends in the workplace I know I will probably have a half dozen jobs in my career. I need to brand myself in the workplace so people will know what I have accomplished and what skills I have to offer. I know the older I get the harder it will be to find work. It will be necessary for me to have a side gig I can scale up to provide me the income I need in old age.

Mitigating Risk

Being resilient means we have the skills, supplies, and equipment we need to deal with whatever happens.

Being truly resilient means we have the money we need to prepare and to survive. It means we are prepared to be on our own for at least two weeks We will have no grocery stores, no drug stores, no banks, no filling stations, and no government help. We will be totally off the grid and on our own.

We won’t have electricity, running water or a working sewer system. In a hurricane scenario, we have to be able to maintain a sanitary camp to avoid the health challenges that are associated with disasters. We need to live and work in a healthy environment.

We need to challenge ourselves to live with purpose. Most people want to make a difference in this world. They just don’t know how. Your greatest challenge will be to help others while doing search and rescue without getting hurt yourself.

Natural Disasters and terrorism are not our only threats. Far more likely are the personal challenges we face every day. We deal with everything from a hard disk crash to an automobile accident. Our health may fail and without health insurance that can be devastating financially. We can lose our job. Without a side gig to fall back on we can be in serious trouble.

The more diverse our skills the more resilient we will be. It is up to us to get the education we need to remain competitive in the workforce. That doesn’t necessarily mean a college education. There are all kinds of courses and certifications available online. Be careful though. Online education is available from well-established colleges and universities. My grandson lives on one of the more isolated islands in Hawaii. He has earned his BA and his MS from the University of Hawaii and is working on his doctorate. All his classes have been online.

I am developing my side gig. The business model is affiliate marketing. My business is infinitely scalable and allows me the flexibility to work where and when I want. Anyone can learn internet marketing.

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Wealthy Affiliates has one of the best affiliate programs available anywhere. When you decide to upgrade to a premium member and pursue your formal training, I will receive a commission for as long as you remain a member.

There is an opportunity for you to create a business based creating and teaching your own classes. My daughter has courses both free and paid she teaches through The free course establishes trust. Then the paid courses are easier to sell. The internet makes consulting and mentoring a viable business for anyone with a skill set others want to learn

The Blue Zone

The Power of Nine.

The National Geographic has a program to find communities with concentrations of centenarians, people of 100 years old. They have found 9 traits common to all those communities. Among them are living in a healthy environment, an active lifestyle, a strong support network and a low-fat diet.

How you live now will definitely affect the quality of your life as you grow older.

Plan Ahead

No one likes to think about unpleasant things. That is probably why most people do not prepare and rush to the store to buy bottled water and toilet paper only to find the shelves bare

Learn how to respond in an emergency. Plan ahead and be prepared to deal with the challenges of life. I had my kids take Red Cross Junior Life Saving and Junior First Aid Classes. Those classes enabled my son to save a friend who got double leg cramps while swimming

Most local governments have courses to help you prepare for and respond to a disaster. The American Red Cross offers excellent training to help you respond to all kinds of emergencies.

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