Working Together

A resilient life requires us to be personally prepared, financially independent and living in a community prepared to help its neighbors.

When disaster strikes it can be hard to know how to go on with your life. Friends and neighbors working together can make it a lot easier. 

When something is resilient, it can bend without breaking and quickly spring back to its original condition. In everyday life, it means we can absorb a shock and be able to go on with our lives.

When we have planned how we can respond to a disaster we can be prepared and know what to do to survive. The poor are always hardest hit because it takes money to stock supplies and build a safe room.

Come here for tips on:DSC_0058

  • being prepared for emergencies
  • taking advantage of opportunities
  • creating the personal and financial resources you need to survive and recover quickly. [personal prep internal link]
  • plan communities prepared to work together to care for all their people.
  • creating a sustainable local and global community for our great-grandchildren to grow up in.

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