Survival Equipment and Supplies

Be Prepared To Survive

We know we will face crises we must be prepared to survive.

I have survived two hurricanes during my 50 years living in Hawaii. I was without electricity for a week and our public water supply failed after 4 days. Obviously banks, gas stations, and pharmacies could not operate without electricity. We were totally off the grid for a week. More rural areas of Hawaii were off the grid for a month and more.

How prepared you need to be depends on where you live and the risks you face. On the mainland, you can drive out of a disaster area and you may only need supplies for a couple of days.

Puerto Rico is still recovering from Maria. 4000 people died due primarily to lack of medical services after the storm. In Hawaii, if a storm damages our harbor and airports it could take months to restore supply lines.

I stock food, water, medicines and camping equipment to supply my family for three months.

In this section of this website we at how you can be prepared to survive the inevitable emergency. You will need food, water, medicine, sanitary supplies, camping equipment, light, fire, and a communication plan.


You family’s survival may depend on how well prepared you are,

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You will need fire for heat and cooking

You will need lighting (flashlights and lanterns) and ways to recharge your cell phone and other electronics

Have a communications plan. How will you call for help and how will you let everyone know you are all right?