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KKHARP Hurricane Meeting

We held our last Kaneohe/Kahaluu Hazard Awareness And Response Program on November 24. We’ll skip

Hurricane Iniki

Hurricane Iniki from Space

December and the next class will be on January 26 at the LDS church near King school.

Tony Reynes, meteorologist at the Pacific Hurricane Center, discussed severe weather and specifically how tropical storms can impact Hawaii. His responsibility is to provide timely warnings of approaching severe weather. Information is provided the public through television and through the NOAA weather radio system. He strongly recommended that everyone purchase a weather radio that can be charged by both the sun and by cranking.

It’s important to everyone know the difference between a hurricane watch in a hurricane warning. A watch indicates that severe weather can impact the islands within 24 to 36 hours. Everyone should have at least seven days supplies needed to be independent of any store. When you hear a severe storm warning check your supplies and make sure your go-kit is ready to take with you in case you need to evacuate.Continue reading

Be prepared – Create a “Go Kit”

FEMA recommends having a prepackaged kit of supplies you can grab when a storm threatens.  Click here for instructions.  On the mainland USA, the recommend having 3 days supply.  In more isolated areas like Hawaii they recommend 5 days supply.

Realistically in Hawaii, it will take a minimum of 15 days get relief supplies to Hawaii.  I recommend having supplies to care for your family for at least a month.  Google “emergency food supply hawaii” to find resources you can buy in Hawaii.

Take the Go Kit to the shelter with supplies for 3 days.  What you bring to a shelter must fit under your cot.  When a severe storm threatens, store you emergency supplies in your car.  Your home may be destroyed and everything in it scattered.  At least when you find your car, you will have what you need to survive.

A couple of things I don’t see recommended for your Go Kit I think are important are a portable water filter bottle and a set of Walkie Talkies.  Water and Communications will be the most important factors in rescue and survival.

Organize you neighborhood.  Know who needs special help and who has special skills. Test your emergency communications.  Use NextDoor.com to help you organize you neighbors.

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