Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

In this Wealthy Affiliate University Review we will looks at the best source of training and support for internet marketers.

Why Everyone Needs a Side Business

In this chaotic work economy very few jobs are secure. Everyone may face down sizing. Major Corporations close facilities and tell you they may have a job for you in a factory 500 miles away. 

A major Hotel Chain in Hawaii recently told its concierge staff they were fired. The Hotel had contracted with a temp service to provide concierge services. If the staff wanted to continue working they could apply with the temp service. Good Union Jobs went to Minimum Wage with no benefits. A strike for weeks and the Union finally saved the day.

In this jig economy most jobs are freelance. You are hired to complete a project. When the project is finished, you are looking for another job.

In Hawaii, full time employees must be provided health insurance and other benefits. Many jobs are part time. People have to work two or three jobs and they have no benefits.

Even Government Jobs are not secure anymore. Recently EPA scientists where told their offices where being moved to Kansas City. Half of EPA staff quit.

The only way to secure financial freedom is to have a business of your own.

What Business Model Is Best For Most Folks

People don’t start their own businesses because it costs too much for the average person. People can’t give up their jobs to concentrate full time on a new business.

What should you look for when considering a new business?

  • First, the mission of your business should be consistent with your values, It should be something you are interested in.
  • Second, It should be inexpensive to start and have low monthly expenses.
  • Third, It must provide you the ability to work on your schedule.
  • Forth, There should be no constraints on the income potential of the business.

Avoiding Scams

Sometimes you have to try something out before you will know you are in a scam, Scammers are clever. 

If you join a networking program and the emphasis is on recruiting rather than selling products, you are in a scam. If a guru tells you you have to invest $5000 to stock your store, you are in a scam. Scams tend to have a certain feel after you have looked at enough of them.

Basically, if you cannot get all your questions answered keep you wallet in your pocket.

The Best Business Model.

People turn hobbies into businesses Artists, Actors, Authors, Photographers, and many others build a business around their interests and expertise.

I chose Digital Marketing. Basically, I am a Sales Rep for companies whose products fit in my niche. Amazon was the pioneer in developing affiliate marketing. Today many companies have affiliate programs.

I’m trying to make my community more resilient, My website specializes in the resilience niche. The products I sell are long-lasting foods, Water storage and filtration, and camping equipment, All things you will need to survive a big storm.

As an affiliate marketer, I review products and promote my reviews on the web,

How Does Wealthy Affiliate University Help?

I tried for years to make money on the internet. I try to live by the Dali Lama’s advice, “Help where you can and, if you cannot help, be very careful not to hurt.”

I have looked at hundreds of money making opportunities and they all turned out to be scams. When I first stumbled across Wealth Affiliates I was very cautious. I spent six months looking for the scam. During that time I completed their first lesson. It is free so I took no risk. When I completed the lesson, I had built my first WebPress Website and knew the basics of how to promote my site,

I was impressed with the quality of the training and the fact that they hosted two URLs for me. I used one for experimenting and the other for my first website. That was all provided with my free account. There is no upsell, just one price. I decided to go Premium and have been learning from this fantastic community for over five years. 


I am now building websites for local businesses, Most of my clients are non-profit organizations, I build out their websites and help them bring organic traffic to their sites. Most of what I have learned has been through Wealthy Affiliates University.

With my Premium Membership I get:

  • 10 hosted URLs
  • Hosting is on Amazon W3 which is the fastest hosting service available. All sites are managed meaning all the backend stuff that is a time-consuming task is taken care of for you.
  • You can set up a website in seconds rather than hours.
  • Access to a membership form. WAU has over a million members ranging from rank beginners to experienced, successful affiliate marketers.
  • The form has strict rules against spamming. The rules are enforced.
  • A Friday afternoon Webinar never fails to provide me new nuggets of information. The webinars are recorded and provide a wealth of information Each episode is a little over an hour.
  • Support is outstanding. Ask a question and you will get multiple answers. You can also ask the professional support staff for help and even chat with the founders.

Free memberships will include 1 URL and Premium Members will be able to host 10 URLs. That is an amazing deal.

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