Be Prepared – A Guide to the Food You Buy for your family

First, make sure the food you buy will last a reasonable time. Many companies sell food with a shelf of 25 or even 30 years.

When I was a kid we had a garden and my grandmother canned the surplus. That food had a shelf life of 2-5 years. Her canning supplied fruits and vegetables for our family for the entire winter. It is a skill that has been pretty much lost.

Today we can buy food supplies that will last 25 years or more.

When looking at a particular product don’t make your decision based on price alone. It is hard to know when you are making the best buy. You get what you pay for. Portions vary. Recipes vary. Shelf life varies. It is almost impossible to compare oranges to oranges.

Grains and and soy are much cheaper than meat and vegetables. Soy is used to substitute for meat. Read the labels. In general, you will find products that include a high level of grain and soy will have significantly cheaper prices.

Some producers proudly state that they have a vegetarian line. Tofu is commonly the base for faux meats. Buy a small quantity and have a taste test. If your family is satisfied they can eat the product then you can safely buy it.


I don’t buy products that are sourced from countries that may not meet the sanitary standards we expect in the USA.

I want my food to be grown and processed in the USA or Canada,

You should also be aware that dehydrated products do not have the shelf life of freeze dried products. Packaging is important. Shelf life depends on how well oxygen is replaced by nitrogen in the packaging.


We have been talking about long term food products we can use to feed our families in an emergency. Most of the suppliers provide products packaged in large quantities for emergency supplies and meal sized packages for campers and hikers.

I recommend taking your family outdoors and letting the kids experience Nature. It gives you a chance to use your supplies and practice all the skills you will need to survive a natural disaster.

The best way to know what you like is to use it. There are many reputable companies with excellent products. It would be irresponsible for me to recommend one over another.

I’ve used food from Wise and Mountain House Both are good, but Mountain House wins in my taste test. Wise uses more grain and soy products in their receipts so they can sell their food at a substantially lower price. Again, you get what you pay for. In this case both are good, but one is better.


Products produced to be edible for the long term are usually guaranteed for at least 15 years. Most companies guarantee their products for 25 years. Mountain House recently extended their shelf life guarantee to 30 years based on actual use of their product.

There is no sure way to know how long a shelf life you will actually get with a particular product except to keep a supply of packaged food and see how long it lasts. That gives an advantage to well established, older companies like Mountain House that have been around long enough to know their products will last at least 30 years.

If you are concerned with what preservatives might be used to get long shelf life, put you mind at rest. Long shelf life is obtained through the packaging. Preservative like MSG is rarely used by any of the companies I have reviewed. You will want to look for and avoid mono-sodium glutamate,(MSG) Read the ingredients.

Packages are sealed in pouches or buckets that prevent molecular transfer. Oxygen is replaced by nitrogen in the package and some companies insert a package of desiccant which will absorb moisture and oxygen.

Have the supplies you need to help your family survive
Peace of Mind

Expensive, you can only prepare if you have discretionary funds.
Takes space in your home to be able to store supplies.


Your family’s survival may depend on how well prepared you are, Experiment with individual portions to find products you like. Then, stock up as much as you can.
If money is short, buy a little bit every month until you have an adequate supply.

Check out Mountain House Emergency Supplies.
This page offers everything from a 2 day supply you can use if you have to evacuate to a shelter to a 12 week supply anyone who might be off grid for and extend period would need.

While you’re at the Mountain House site check out the single meal pouches designed for campers, hiker and hunters.

You might prefer the NuManna 200 Meal Pack.
It’s a lot cheaper. It has more grain base meals but still provides you the nourishment you need for survival.

When storage space is limited be sure you know about the perfect nourishment for you bug-out bag.

Next compare prices for the same and competitive products on Amazon. When looking at products from competitive products be sure to follow the guidelines I have provided you.