Live a Resilient Lifestyle..

And keep the environment awesome.

Resilience means to bend not break. How Resilient Are You?

Our mission is to help you be more resilient. Why is resilience important? Because in today’s chaotic world we have to be ready for anything

Potential Disasters

When planning to do what is important in our lives, we have to consider the probable risks we face. In Hawaii, our greatest risk is from a hurricane, If our family is prepared to survive a hurricane, we are ready for any disaster man or nature sends our way.


Resilience in our lives falls into three categories:

  1. Our Personal resilience
  2. Our Financial Resilience
  3. The environment in which we live.

Our Personal resilience

Think about those unexpected challenges that may you may face in your life and what you can do to prepare for them.

They may be small challenges like a hard disk crash or buying a new set of tires for your car. They are relatively easy to prepare for. Back up your data and have enough in savings to pay for unexpected bills.

In Hawaii, our big challenges are hurricane, earthquake, and flash flooding. Tsunamis can cause huge damage in coastal areas. On the Island of Hawaii the fury of Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes, is always a possible threat. In most cases, safety means take shelter in the safest place you can find, Have a Go-Kit ready to take with you. Don’t depend on Red Cross Shelters. We don’t have facilities to shelter everyone.

Be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for two weeks without electricity, water or access to stores, filling station and banks.  Without electricity or potable water, you will be completely off the grid.

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Our Financial Resilience

Financial Resilience means you have the money you need to deal with any disaster, large or small.

The most likely financial problems you may face are a health crisis and losing your job. A storm could destroy your home. Your job is to decide what challenges you face, how likely they are to happen and what you can do to minimize the damage.

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Your environment

A healthy life depends on a healthy environment.

Heavy air pollution can shorten your life by a decade.

Contaminated water can destroy your mind an your health.

You can install water and air filtration in your home. You can choose a job that includes a safe environment. Of course, there are limits to how much you can control your personal environment. That is when community action and political activism come into play.

You can control what you eat, how you exercise and the chemicals you use at home. All are part of your environment.

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So, this website is about your personal, financial and environmental future and how you can best live a long, healthy and productive life.

Family playing in surf

Join us. Your thoughts and ideas are important to us. Be sure to comment on our posts when you have expertise to add and constructive criticism to offer.