Water – You gotta have it.

You can last a month without food but only 3 days without water. You gotta have it.

How are you going to provide water for your family? You will need a gallon per person per day. The Board of Water Supply depends on Water to fill their tanks and most high rises have to pump water to their upper floors.

I suggest you buy enough collapsable gallon jugs to provide the water your family will need for two weeks. Then fill them when a storm warning is issued. Just make sure your water jugs are made from food-grade plastic.

If you need to purify your water, put your jugs out in the sun for six hours and the water in them should be safe to drink. https://www.superprepper.com/sodis/

There are straws and water filters that can filter germs but not viruses. A few systems can filterout most viruses. If you are drawing water from a rain barrel or a stream they work well. The big problem with a straw is you have to lay on your stomach to get the straw into the puddle. Of course, if you have a cup dip the water into the cup and then drink it through the straw. Check it out on Amazon

For emergency use I recommend Sagan Life Autobrick.
It is not collapsable so it will take space to store but the rectangular bricks are stackable and make efficient use of space.

Check out the AutoBrick System at this short video

Buy the AutoBrick Filtration System on Amazon